Building Tomorrow's Legacy

Take advantage of the power of logistics as it is the backbone of a business. More than a brand, BEXCS is changing the game in the logistics industry.

Opportunities abound in Logistics Industry

Challenges faced by millions of MSMEs especially online sellers:

Expensive rates on Local and International Shipments

Sustainability Issues

Logistics outlet inaccessibility

Covid-19 (pandemic)

Late or failed Pick-up and Delivery of Parcels

The previous years have demonstrated that global supply chains are vulnerable, raising risk for highly associated global corporations that rely on secured and consistent transport movements. They seek a resilient logistic system that protects their business.

As their expectations grew, they need a logistics provider that offers a higher level of security, reliability in terms of time and speed, and an automated platform.

The goal of the business is to always
move forward>>

BEXCS Logistic Solutions Inc. is an end-to-end logistic solutions provider offering warehouse services, inventory management, order fulfillment, and last-mile deliveries. It started in 2019 and has grown immensely.

Estimated to earn $2.7B USD in 5 years

A resilient logistics is the key

3,400,000+ Total Transactions in 2021
78% Local Shipments | 22% International Shipments

Providing safe and reliable service to all Entrepinoys

Are you serious about having financial security? Would you like to create regular and safe cash flow? Let us help you go to the right path.

Earn a potential annual income of Php 4,181,976.72

What's UNIQUE about BEXCS

Our Solutions

A full suite of services designed to serve all kinds of logistic needs here and abroad. Build Your Tomorrow’s Legacy

Major Industry Drives

The Philippines is experiencing a boom in eCommerce. Within the next few years, many companies will be setting up their own websites to sell goods and services to more than 100 million Filipinos.


Globalization has been an important driving force for economic development in all aspects of human life, combined and integrated knowledge based on the sharing of information have made it possible to ensure that a common understanding is reached in terms of top quality products, good services and safe products.


Technological advancement is the generation or discovery of knowledge that advances the understanding of science or technology.


When disposable income increases, households have more money to either save or spend, which naturally leads to a growth in consumption. Consumer spending is one of the most important determinants of demand; it creates the demand that keeps companies profitable and hiring new workers.


Ecommerce growth is the process of increasing revenue, expanding your customer base, entering new markets, earning a bigger market share.

Branch 3D Visuals & Dimensions

Presented here is a full BEXCS branch prototype displaying how a franchise branch should be set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of franchise is offered?

BEXCS is offering a SINGLE unit franchise for the operation and development of a unit within a trade area.

How much is the Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee for a full branch is Php 750,000.00.

What does the total franchise investment cover?

The total investment covers the following:

  • Hub Partner Fee – Brand Name
  • Initial Training Program – 7 days
  • Operations Manual
  • Initial Project Management Fee ( Site Location & CI / BI )
  • Pre-Launch Marketing ( w/ marketing materials )
  • Business Plan Model
  • Supplier Links
  • Marketing Strategy
  • One Month Advertising Ads
  • Franchise Territory

What training will we receive as franchisees?

The franchise owner and the designated management team and outlet personnel will be given extensive training both at the franchisor headquarters, as well as the franchisee store (including a dry-run or soft opening). The training will be conducted about 7-12* days before the grand opening of the franchisee store. Covering all aspects of the business operation and management as well as customer service.

What other continuing support will I receive?

As our franchisee, you will receive continuing support from us during the term of the franchise as follows:

  • Sales and operation performance reporting guidance
  • Regular field visits and business guidance
  • Updates on new products and services
  • Technical support
  • Monthly Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Training

Will I have an exclusive territory?

BEXCS is a strategic franchisor, meaning all the branch locations have been plotted ahead of time. BEXCS ensures the franchisees will have a viable business.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term of the franchise agreement is 3 years, renewable to 2 additional terms of 3 years each for a total of 9 years.

Who will look for the location?

The franchisee searches for their location and submits the sketch location map and details of the proposed location to the franchisor for evaluation and approval.

How to Apply for a Franchise

1. Interested Franchisee must submit the following documents to the Franchise Manager:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Filled-out Franchisee Prequalification Form
  • Colored I.D. photo of the applicant
  • Site location proposal with vicinity map & description of the proposed site.

2. Franchisor shall conduct an initial discussion with the Franchisee and present the Franchise Package.

3. Upon submission and evaluation of all the initial forms and documents, the qualified Franchisee shall sign the Franchise Reservation Agreement and pays the Reservation Fee, in this case the Franchise Brand Fee.

4. Upon approval of the site, the Franchisee shall be scheduled for contract signing (provided all qualifying documents have been submitted). The scheduled deliverables from the franchisor shall be discussed along with the payment of the entire Franchise Investment Package.